Leading Health Policy Expert's New Book Presents Bipartisan Blueprint For Navigating American Healthcare & Fixing the System

Published: May. 3, 2022 at 10:15 AM CDT

WASHINGTON, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthcare reform has stymied and divided American politics for decades, causing pain for everyday people as well as policymakers. In his compelling new book from RealClear Publishing, The Healthcare Labyrinth, health plan and healthcare technology veteran Marc S. Ryan seeks to demystify the U.S. healthcare system and offer a path to change.

THE HEALTHCARE LABYRINTH by Marc S. Ryan, available now! Image courtesy of RealClear Publishing.
THE HEALTHCARE LABYRINTH by Marc S. Ryan, available now! Image courtesy of RealClear Publishing.(PRNewswire)
In new book The Healthcare Labyrinth, Marc S. Ryan demystifies the U.S. healthcare system and offers a path to reform.

The American health insurance system is anything but simple to maneuver. By helping Americans become wiser, The Healthcare Labyrinth allows readers to navigate the maze with more confidence and certainty while also offering a necessary blueprint for fixing the system with convincing arguments for both sides of the aisle.

According to Ryan, three conundrums have come together to put America in a dire situation: the most expensive healthcare system in the developed world with the lowest quality outcomes. He walks readers through how the current system operates—tracing the dysfunction, high costs, and lack of quality to:

  • a lack of affordable universal access;
  • little focus on wellness, prevention, and care management; and
  • outrageous pricing, especially compared to other developed nations.

Using decades of experience as a health plan and policy expert, Ryan outlines a bipartisan plan to fix these issues and transform America's unique system without upending the current landscape. He relies on leading academic, research, and mainstream media sources from across the political spectrum to examine the U.S. healthcare system and compare it to those of other developed nations.

Marc S. Ryan is President of MHK, a fast-growing healthcare software technology firm that offers solutions for health plans and pharmacy benefits managers. He has also served as MHK's Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and as Connecticut's State Budget Director and Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management. Within healthcare, Ryan has served in numerous executive-level policy, regulatory, compliance, business development, and operations roles.

The Healthcare Labyrinth is published by RealClear Publishing, an imprint of Amplify Publishing and a joint-venture with RealClear Media Group, the goal of which is to diversify and enrich the marketplace of ideas by offering a trusted platform for independent-minded thinkers and advocates to enhance the most pressing national debates.

The Healthcare Labyrinth is on sale now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amplify Publishing, and more. Learn more at www.healthcarelabyrinth.com

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