Detect Gunshots, Fights, and Keywords with Smart Audio Capabilities-- Rhombus Systems Releases Intelligent Audio Gateway with Two-Way Communication

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 6:00 AM CDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhombus Systems, a leader in enterprise cloud-managed security cameras and sensors, has released the A100 Audio Gateway to deliver real-time audio with video, two-way audio communication, alerts based on specific audio triggers, and alarm broadcasting during emergencies.

Rhombus Systems (PRNewsfoto/Rhombus Systems)
Rhombus Systems (PRNewsfoto/Rhombus Systems)(PRNewswire)

"The issue with today's security systems that offer audio recordings is that the audio is low quality and does little to improve safety. It's purely used for contextual information," said Omar Khan, co-founder and CTO of Rhombus Systems. "The A100 is a truly ground-breaking audio device that captures clearer audio, provides two-way audio support, and layers AI-based audio analytics, so users can be notified when a gunshot is detected, or a fight breaks out. When you're dealing with safety, seconds matter and the A100 provides proactive data and features to help defuse security issues in real-time."

With the A100's smart audio recognition capabilities, organizations can continuously monitor their facilities and receive automatic notifications for abnormal audio based on keywords, noise levels, and specific sounds. The sensor detects unusual audio levels, aggressive voices and phrases, gunshots, calls for help, breaking glass, and other unique sounds in real-time. Based on these alerts, users can set up pre-recorded messages and broadcast them out via the A100 sensor or external loudspeakers.

For example, if the A100 detects someone breaking in after-hours, a pre-recorded message can be broadcasted, notifying the trespasser that authorities have been contacted and are on their way.

"The A100 allows us to securely monitor our facilities while delivering a higher level of insight than we thought was possible," said Brad Minsley, Managing Director at 10 Federal. "Many of our facilities are managed entirely remotely, and obtaining high-quality audio recordings alongside video footage gives us unprecedented context into what's happening onsite. Meanwhile, the sensor's two-way communication lets us provide live support to our customers from anywhere in the world. The A100 has been transformative from a security and operations perspective."

The A100 serves as a gateway for all Rhombus Sensors, allowing organizations to get actionable environmental data across their physical spaces. Additionally, two-way audio support enables organizations to connect external microphones and loudspeakers to talk, broadcast, and amplify messages or alarms at scale.

The A100 Audio Gateway is now available for $349 and requires a Rhombus license starting at $149 per device. For sales inquiries or additional information, contact

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Rhombus Systems is a cloud physical security platform designed to bring greater intelligence, security, and productivity to enterprise organizations. Rhombus delivers NDAA-compliant smart cameras, connected sensors, and seamless integrations to simplify infrastructure and security management at scale.

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