Engineered Sleep™ Signature Two-Piece Mattress Aims to Revolutionize Mattress Industry

Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 1:20 PM CDT

GREENVILLE, S.C., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Engineered Sleep, a fourth-generation, family-owned mattress manufacturer, aims to revolutionize the mattress industry with an innovative two-piece mattress design, allowing for in-home comfort adjustments as well as increased longevity and sustainability.

The ES Duo Hybrid Mattress is eco-friendly with the latest technology in materials to ensure a comfortable night sleep, and the unique zipper attached top comfort layer means owners never have to replace their entire mattress again, just the topper. It's more economical, sustainable, and comfortable.

The ES Duo's proprietary attachment design makes it simple for the consumer to attach and adjust the comfort and support layers easily and correctly every time. In addition, customers have the ability replace the top comfort layer as it wears down over the years rather than replacing the entire mattress, which is less costly, extends the overall life of the mattress, and reduces mattress waste in landfills.

The ES Duo comfort toppers are made of Dunlop latex and come in three different options varying in thickness - Firm, Medium or Soft, based on individual needs. The support system has either zoned or non-zoned pocketed coils, each containing premium edge support. Both support options are flippable with a softer and firmer side for comfort adjustments within the home, giving consumers six different comfort options that are interchangeable. The comfort and support layer proprietary attachment method prevents sliding or shifting, even on a power base. All models are made with an Organic Cotton breathable fabric.

"The ES Duo is a culmination of years of trial and error to engineer a mattress that is economical, sustainable, comfortable, and most of all, easy for the customer," said Jay Orders, CEO and co-founder of Engineered Sleep. "The two-piece design started with the fact that bed-in-a-box is the most economical way to ship mattresses, but you sacrifice a lot of support and comfort. The solution had to go beyond simply separating the two layers, but also easy assembly so that customers put it together right every time. And then we went beyond that by giving the customer the ability to customize even further within the home by flipping the components to create different comfort and support options."

Engineered Sleep has a local showroom in Greenville, SC but sells direct online with free shipping nationally at

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