AKRS working to meet the needs of producers

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It’s an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of Nebraska’s farm community. AKRS Equipment Solutions is unveiling plans to build a new David City store, and expand one in North Platte.

During a recent visit with ARKS CEO Kevin Clark, we learned more about these plans. “The first thing we are working on is our David City store,” Clark said. “We are relocating a little bit north of town on a brand new plot of ground that we’ve acquired. We are going to build a store completely from the ground up. It will be a completely modern facility. This will be a nearly $10 Million facility. It will have a state-of-the-art shop to it. It will feature both heating and air conditioning, but also charging stations. As equipment becomes more electric, we are going to make sure we can charge things as well.”

“In our North Platte location, we have a much newer facility,” Clark said. “So we are going to do an expansion there, and add additional shop space, as well as upgrade the shop. In addition, we are putting on a new wash bay, to make sure we can clean equipment well, so that when we give the equipment back to the customers, it’s cleaned up. It’s a great expansion there in North Platte, it’s going to increase the employment there at that store, but more importantly, it’s going to allow our servicing capabilities to help farmers out much faster. That’s something we want to do at AKRS is make sure we get to people quickly and service them as fast as we can.”

AKRS officials say these facilities will have a big impact on the consumer, and the community. “In many of the communities that we serve, we are among the largest employers in town,” Clark said. “It’s really important for us that we do things that add back to the community. That could be supporting a local softball team, adding new employees to a store, we just want to be very supportive of the community as a whole.”

When it comes to the future, there are plans to continue making improvements to local AKRS dealerships around the state. “With 27 different stores, we are going to continue to reinvest,” Clark said. “With that many, if did one a year, it would take us three decades to redo all of our stores. So, we are going to do a couple every year. Some are going to be major refurbishments, and others will be ground-up stores. We are looking to do two big projects a year. One will be a refurbishment like what’s happening in North Platte, and one store built from the ground up like the one in David City. Again, those local communities will benefit, as we are committed to helping the farmer as well.”

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