Barnwood & Leather: Providing custom, quality home furnishings

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Barnwood & Leather is a family-owned business that provides custom quality furniture and decor for your home for anyone in the Lincoln, NE area. It’s their pedigree to deliver head-turning, conversation-starting pieces that’ll dazzle anyone in your home.

Mike and Brenda Clark opened their business just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leaving them little margin for error.

“We had taken years to decide on whether or not we’re going to do this business, research a little bit about the lines we wanted to have, found the perfect location and ready to go in September 2019,” Brenda said.

Still, the business has been a success, fueling a second act for Brenda after she retired from the public school system as a speech pathologist. Now her drive is giving customers the type of furniture they could only dream of owning.

“We carry lines that are high quality, good quality pieces, all woods, 100 percent natural leathers,” Brenda said. “We try to bring in different use cases to people that might be of interest to them. We carry beautiful lines of barn wood reclaimed barn with furniture. too. And we can do lots of different looks for all the rooms in your house.”

For Mike, it’s all about a customer-centric focus.

“I think our goal is just to help people find what they’re looking for. You know, we’re not high pressure. We don’t work on commissions. It’s just, again, it’s just my wife and my son-in-law that run the store day to day. and I help do the deliveries. But I think the experience -- I want [customers] to just come in and help them find what they’re looking for. And we we try to carry very unique different pieces in the store. We hope that when you come to our store, you’ll see something there that you haven’t seen.”

If you want to learn more about Barnwell & Leather, head on over to their website.