Cancer Partners of Nebraska pharmacy receives critical accreditation

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In a world where cancer treatment specialists, doctors, and pharmacists need to work together to deliver seamless and quality care, Cancer Partners of Nebraska has just made a critical leap forward. The group has received accreditation from ACHC to help provide pharmacy care for those suffering with cancer.

Max Owens, the director of pharmacy for Cancer Partners of Nebraska, praised the news as a tremendous asset to the group.

“We really did this based on a quality standpoint,” Owens said. “So looking at how we can best care for our patients and provide a high level of care, and that’s really what pushed us to pursue this accreditation.”

At best, this new accreditation will allow for a higher standard of care for patients in the area.

“We have direct access to the physicians, we can go back and forth with questions that patients may have and sort of pass those along when necessary,” Owens said. “We’re there for patients questions about drug interactions and side effects. It’s convenient for their refills, so they don’t have to receive those through the mail.”

Owens says peace of mind is achieved through this accreditation.

“The physicians are there, the nurses, the pharmacists, and the whole team is kind of all in one,” Owens said. “And that’s really something that we feel helps our patients through their treatments just being there for them and providing that personalized care to them.”