Clinical trials at Cancer Partners of Nebraska are more than just a treatment

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Cancer clinical trials are an important part of cancer research and treatment. These studies aim to find new and better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.

Dr. Joni Tilford, a medical oncologist at Cancer Partners of Nebraska, explains the different phases of clinical trials: “All clinical trials go through a rigorous process to make sure that it’s safe for all patients. You start off as a phase one study which tests the safety of a particular drug, and then you move to a phase two study which we’ll find the appropriate dose for humans with a particular disease process such as cancer. We then get into a phase three study in which you get the standard of therapist standard of care plus a standard of care and another drug that we think might actually improve the overall outcomes. If patients participate in a clinical trial, not only do they get at least the standard of care, but they might get something that’s actually better. That’s why it’s in a clinical trial.”

At Cancer Partners of Nebraska, their patients have the opportunity to participate in cancer clinical trials without having to travel far. According to Dr. Tilford, “Cancer Partners is a part of two National Cancer Institute Research Networks, we are very honored to be a part of these NCI-sponsored studies that are found all over the nation. Typically, patients would have to go to a large academic center to participate in those studies. While being a member of the NCI-sponsored affiliates, we are able to offer those studies right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are the first and only private oncology practice in the state to be affiliated with these national networks; The two specific network memberships are ECOG and Alliance, which is through a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center. No one has to travel very far, if at all, and could stay in the comfort of their own home with their own support system and still be able to get access to these clinical trials.”

In conclusion, cancer clinical trials are essential for advancing cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes. By participating in these trials, patients not only receive standard care but also have the opportunity to receive potentially better treatments. Cancer Partners of Nebraska’s involvement in NCI-sponsored studies provides patients in Lincoln, with access to these trials without having to travel far.