Gynecologic cancer care now offered at Cancer Partners of Nebraska

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Cancer Partners of Nebraska has Lincoln’s first gynecologic oncology surgeon on staff. Peter Morris, MD, offers gynecologic cancer treatments that haven’t previously been available in the city.

All women are at risk for gynecologic cancers, and that risk increases with age. Dr. Morris says that while symptoms vary for each cancer, many include abnormal bleeding patterns, especially pre- and post-menopause. If you are experiencing these or other concerning symptoms, see your doctor right away.

Treatment for gynecologic cancers usually includes surgery, but may also involve chemotherapy and radiation.

“The earlier it’s caught, the more likely it is that surgery may be the only treatment for some of these cancers,” Dr. Morris says.

While some of these cancers can be linked to genetics, like ovarian cancer or breast cancer, not all are hereditary. Learn more in the video above.

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