Standing Out at a Real Estate Company

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The 1867 Collective is a real estate group who helps clients buy and sell their homes. Each realtor offers a personal touch.

Realtor Kali Klassen says being able to run her business how she wants, while still having support, is what drew her to join The 1867 Collective.

“I’ve been with The 1867 since it was an idea,” says Klassen. “It gives the ability for agents to be their own person, have their own brand, create relationships with clients how they foresee their business prospering, and it’s just been so nice to be able to have the broker support that you sometimes don’t get with other companies.”

And The 1867 Collective realtors believe that owning a home is for everyone.

“People come out and say ‘You know, I really can’t afford to buy a house’ or ‘My rent is this...’ but everybody should be looking at buying house,” says Realtor, Chuck Ford.

That starts with a pre-approval at the bank.

“One of the first things we ask [homebuyers] to do, is to talk to a banker,” he says. “If they can get pre-approved, then they should be looking at a house, because there’s really no sense into putting money into somebody else’s account by paying rent for them, when you could be paying your own mortgage down. Everybody should have the opportunity to own a home.”

Once that is in place, be upfront and honest when communicating with your realtor, and make sure your realtor is always in communication with you, too.

“Communication is huge,” says Realtor Heather Ford. “If your agent that you are working with is not communicating with you on the process of what’s going on, or what it’s going to look like, then that’s a huge issue.”

She says that not every agent will be the right fit for every person, so it’s okay to switch if you want to.

“Finding the person who you work well with, and get along with, goes a long way in a real estate transaction,” Heather Ford says.

As a married couple, Heather and Chuck offer another option for home buyers and sellers, working as a “two-for-one” team.

“I love working with Chuck. He’s my best friend, and he’s an amazing business partner, because where I fall short, he shines and vice versa,” says Heather of husband, Chuck.

Klassen says making client relationships is the biggest measure of success as a realtor.

“It’s really important to be there for them,” she says. “Make sure you’re staying on top of all their questions, their comments, their concerns. Educating them about their house, or the house that they’re looking at. And just simply taking the time to explain the entire process to them, because it’s not as simple as saying, ‘Hey, I want to buy this house for X amount of dollars.’ There’s a lot of paperwork that goes into it.”

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