Routine maintenance may be the key to keeping your HVAC system in top shape

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Your heating and cooling system does more for your home than provide a comfortable environment 24/7. In fact, your HVAC system as a whole may be one of the reasons why you get sick.

Kiley Smith with Command Heating and Air Conditioning recently visited to talk about how duct cleaning and routine HVAC maintenance can help keep your home comfortable and your immune system clean.

“One of the one of the things that we always tell people is getting maintenance is super important,” Smith said. “You want to get it done twice a year to make sure. We check the heating system and the AC system separately. The biggest failure when it comes to this stuff is people wait until it breaks and those repairs are actually costing you more. Other problems that you get a $10 fix turns into a $500 fix. So it’s it’s really important get everything caught sooner than later.”

Command also offers duct cleaning services for homes.

“It’s all the environment of the home, so NACA says that the only time you’re supposed to have it done is if you have remodels or renovations or anything like that,” Smith said “We come out and assess your system and see how dirty it is and what we need to do to fix it. There’s times we come up to people’s houses and they think they need to clean it and they don’t need it clean.”

Representatives of Command will also be appearing at the Lancaster Event Center from Feb. 10 - 12 with live demonstrations and giveaways, so join them there!