Make Restaurant Quality Enchiladas at Home

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One of the many benefits of going to a Mexican restaurant is getting authentic-tasting dishes. But, there’s an enchilada sauce on the market now, that helps to make restaurant-quality enchiladas at home. That’s where Drunkle Ed’s comes in.

Drunkle Ed’s Owner, Ed Paquette, says he’s always loved enchiladas, but could not find the product in the store to make them taste as good at home as they did in Mexican restaurants.

“For years I’ve been trying to make my own recipe and I think we finally got it,” he says. “Everybody seemed to like it enough that I pursued putting it on store shelves.”

The name Drunkle Ed’s comes from a family member.

“My niece coined me that when she was very little, and my buddy reminded me of that when it was time to make a name for my company,” Paquette says.

Paquette says what sets his enchilada sauce apart is the consistency of the sauce, saying others are watered down.

“You’ll notice as soon as you try mine, it’s a very thick sauce,” he says. “[With a] robust, smoky flavor [it’s] much more authentic, much more restaurant-style.”

If you want to try to make enchiladas at home, check out the Drunkle Ed’s website.

“I’ve got super simple [recipes] going from three ingredients all the way up to maybe 15,” says Paquette. “So, if you’re intimidated, don’t be.”

Paquette says ones of his favorites to make is steak enchiladas, but his sauce can be used in a variety of ways, including in soups, burritos, and Spanish rice.

In Lincoln, you can find Drunkle Ed’s sauce in most Hy-Vee grocery store locations. He said they’re looking to expand that to every Hy-Vee location.

If you can’t find it in a location near you, the sauce can also be purchased in local stores around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and on the Drunkle Ed’s website.