Exciting things to come this holiday season with Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach

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Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach always makes sure the working poor and homeless in our community have a special holiday season. Executive Director Susanne Blue says she’s excited about this upcoming season!

She said they’ll be open throughout the whole holiday season serving Thanksgiving and Christmas traditional feasts for all the guests. She said they also will have a lot of groups adopt some of the housing families that need gifts and items.

The Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach will also host their annual Holiday Fiesta right before Christmas.

Although the organization has a lot of buzz during the holiday season, they keep the doors open year-round to address various issues in the community, including depression, addiction and poverty. Susanne says they also help offer services to help people and just create a safe place for the community.

Even though the holiday season is a good time for people to donate, the organization could use donations year-round.

For more information on Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach, go to https://www.mtko.org/