Moving your body for physical and mental health

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Moving your body is so important to your overall health. 9Round Fitness has two convenient locations in Lincoln to keep you moving, and have fun while doing it!

Owner Melissa Vettel says many people assume that working out is just about physical strength and staying in shape, but in reality, it’s also a positive boost to mental health and wellness.

“What’s the most rewarding is the mental health and the changes that we see in the mental health,” Vettel says. “We see [those who visit 9Round] leaving and feeling confident, feeling empowered. Just having this mental clarity that they feel good about themselves and about carrying on with their day, and that’s what is so important to us.”

She said some people even stop by 9Round Fitness on their lunch breaks.

“They call it their ‘attitude adjustment,’” says Vettel.

And if you don’t like working out in a huge room with dozens of others, you won’t have to. 9Round Fitness offers a semi-private fitness studio experience.

Vettel says you stop by and an instructor will guide you through a workout. In that session, at most, there will be nine people working out. Each person will be at their own station, or “round,” and the instructor is there to help you through the nine rounds in 30 minutes.

Most current 9Round clients love that the circuits aren’t at set times, and can be done on your schedule.

So, are you ready for a 30 minute workout and mood boost? Learn more online or by just visiting one of the Lincoln locations!

2800 North 83rd Street, Suite C | Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

5609 S 27th St, Suite A | Lincoln, Nebraska 68512