United Equity Makes Selling Your Home a Simpler Process

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United Equity home logo.

Are you looking to sell your home in Nebraska, but wished it could be done more simply? Maybe you need United Equity.

Over the last decade, the company has bought close to 1,000 homes from senior citizens and others. And, the type of home doesn’t matter, says Co-Owner Dan Thomas.

“We’ve paid $5,000 for a house, all the way up to almost $1 million for a home,” Thomas says. “The biggest thing, though, is that we buy the house in any condition, and believe me, over the years we have seen it all.”

Co-Owner Ryan Bouc says oftentimes, seniors and other families might be looking to move or downsize. Bouc says the homeowners can even just take the items they want, and leave the rest. The homeowners are not required to clean it out, make repairs, or pay closing costs or commissions.

“It’s a very simple approach to being able to sell your house, and on your terms,” Bouc says.

Learn more about the United Equity home buying process in the video above. You can also learn more by calling 402-805-9195 or visiting www.buynehome.com.