85 Year Old Goeres Excels in Sailing

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At 85 years old, Vince Goeres has not lost one bit of his competitive nature.

"We gotta have a big lead," Goeres said. "And win by a pretty big distance."

He's been sailing for 55 years, in bodies of water all across the world. The reasoning behind his passion for the sport is fairly simple.

"I enjoy the water, enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets, and the sky. It is just beautiful out here."

"We love seeing Vince out here, he's steady at the helm," said Patrick Moran, sailing sport director for the Cornhusker State Games.

"I think everyone really wishes they were doing the same thing at his age."

Being on the boat with Vince it's pretty clear that his calm yet competitive demeanor is truly one of a kind. His success is unmatched as well. In over 20 years of competing at the Cornhusker State Games, Goeres says there was only one year in which he did not bring home a medal.

"It's always a good feeling but I'm just lucky enough to have a good, fast boat, and a good crew. Without that you can't do much."

In the 30th year of the Cornhusker State Games Vince says Saturday's competition may be his farewell.

"I'm just lucky enough that I'm aging slowly enough that i can still sail."

*Vince placed third in the sailing competition at Branched Oak Lake on Saturday, continuing his streak of medals at the CSGs.