Darlington Shines In Spring Game

Zack Darlington was the darling of the Nebraska Spring game.

The redshirt freshman went 7-11 through the air in Saturday's scrimmage, highlighted by a 29 yard touchdown pass into the wind.

"75,000 people. You don't get to do that at every college," Darlington said. "You know, that's why Nebraska is special. You get 75,000 people for a Spring game. That doesn't happen every day. I love playing here."

It has been a long road for the Florida native to get to this point. In the early part of his senior year of high school, Darlington suffered a severe hit that gave him a concussion and ended his prep career.

"Sometimes you just want to give up and wonder if this just wasn't what God had planned for you," Darlington said. "But God would never put you in a situation to harm you. When I started to have that mindset, I got more laid back with it. I knew there was no way that God would bring me all the way to Nebraska for me to sit."

When Darlington's lone run of the Red-White game went for 19 yards, he was fired up.

"That's how I play," said Darlington. "I play fiery, I play excited. When you get into the huddle and everyone is looking at you, you want to show them that you are ready to go."

At the beginning of spring practice Darlington found himself near the bottom of quarterback rotation.

"You can pout and say this sucks, or you can step your game up," Darlington said.

After an impressive final practice, Darlington is finding himself as a contender for the starting quarterback job at Nebraska.

"It was a lot of fun to run down the sidelines and hear Memorial Stadium go insane," Darlington said. "It's a different feeling."