Huskers Receive New Adidas Glove Design

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Nebraska's equipment staff showed off the football team's new gloves to the 10/11 sports team Wednesday afternoon.

The gloves are red and white on top, and players will either have the red block "N" on a white background, or the blackshirts logo on the palms. The design can only be completely seen when both hands are held up together.

The NU equipment department just received a sample selection of two gloves from Adidas Wednesday, but more are on the way for the entire team.

"Adidas asked for some graphics to be sent to them," explained Nebraska assistant equipment manager Chris McQuillan. "They changed the rule. It used to be you could only wear gray gloves. Trying to be cool, I guess. The cool factor."

Nebraska's equipment staff posted pictures of the new gloves today on twitter, and they even made an appearance on ESPN's "SportsCenter."