Sitting Down With New Orleans Saint Stanley Jean-Baptiste

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He was Nebraska's first player to hear his name called in the 2014 NFL draft. This week, Stanley Jean-Baptiste will play in his first NFL training camp with the New Orleans Saints. 1011's Taylor Kilgore sat down with him before he left.

Kilgore: "Stanley, it has been a couple months now so I want you to take me back to the NFL draft. What was that day like when you got the call and you knew it was the Saints?

Jean-Baptiste: "I was kind of getting nervous day one, because I was hearing different things, but day two was the day I was supposed to get picked up in. When my name got called up and the phone rang, it still hasn't hit me yet that I am playing for the Saints but you could just say it was a dream come true."

Kilgore: "Now you're down in New Orleans and you're on the field and next thing you know you are trying to pick off one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now with Drew Brees. How is that going?

Jean-Baptiste: "It's been going all right so far, I have got my hands on a couple balls. I ain't really picked him off, I dropped a couple."

Kilgore: "So you are getting your touches then?

Jean-Baptiste: "Yeah, I am getting my touches in but I just haven't really gotten the ball away from him yet, but I'm going to fix that."

Kilgore: "Now you obviously played corner here at Nebraska but there was some talk leading up to the draft that you might take some workouts at safety. Any talk of that?

Jean-Baptiste: "Ain't no talk yet, not yet. Right now I am all corner, I'm all corner."

Kilgore: "Have there been any veterans that have kind of taken you under their wing or walked you through the playbook or someone that you look up to right now?

Jean-Baptiste: "Keenan Lewis, Champ Bailey, he has been helping me out. Not every veteran helps young players out so I am in the situation and system that I am in that I have players like that."

Kilgore: "Obviously when you were down there your main focus was work on the field but it was the off season. So did you guys do anything kind of fun as a team of the field?"

Jean-Baptiste: "We went paint balling as a team. Coach Payton and all the coaches were involved in it. I came out with some bruises."

Kilgore: "I'm sure you have heard stories of rookie treatment in the NFL. So are you expecting to maybe foot the bill for a big dinner out or something?"

Jean-Baptiste: "I know for sure I have the bill to pay for and a rookie trip with the DB's so i am just trying to find out where they want to go so I can handle that."

Kilgore: "Now planning a trip, if you are in charge of that maybe you can come and visit Lincoln, go to see a game with the Huskers, what do you think?"

Jean-Baptiste: "If they want to! It's really up to them. If it was up to me, yeah we would come here, probably would be a cheap trip."

Kilgore: "What are some of your expectations heading in to your first training camp?"

Jean-Baptiste: "We have two weeks to do it and then we have preseason. That is something new for me so I have to make everything happen fast. I am just trying to go in with a clear mind, learn the defense, make a big impact really fast to hopefully get me on the field early."

Kilgore: "As football player, you dream of playing in the NFL your whole life. But what do you think it is going to feel like running out of that tunnel in St. Louis for your NFL debut?

Jean-Baptiste: "I think it will feel, hopefully something similar to this. Ain't nothing like running out of the tunnel walk. It's a new experience with new teammates. It's going to be something I remember as my first game, first preseason game but hopefully it is at the top of the charts like at the Husker games."

Kilgore: "Let's fast forward to after your first season with the Saints. What do you expect to say after your first season in the NFL?

Jean-Baptiste: "Hopefully I say that I was on a team that went all the way, and we won the Super Bowl."