Three Brothers Play Together | Help Exeter-Milligan to Win Championship

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- For many high school football players, playing at Memorial Stadium is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but for Exeter-Milligan, three young men had an entire season to do something they'll never forget.

Monday was a very special day for the Maxson's, who suited up together for the final time.

There's no question that football brings young men together and for brothers Jarett, Sean, and Seth Maxson, their relationship became so much stronger because of this game.

"That's what sports does for us, our family, it's awesome," said Jarett Maxson.

It's a unique opportunity, as a freshman, junior, and senior take the field at Memorial Stadium together for their championship game.

"I was crying to see them all three play together, it was awesome," said their mother, Rhonda Maxson.

Rhonda watched nervously, while wearing a pin of all three of her boys. It was a moment she'll never experience again.

"I was nervous yesterday. It's nervous until the final seconds tick off," said Rhonda.

The oldest: A two-way starter. After him, a young man who's battled through injuries in all three of his seasons.

"I'm just glad I could get a cast, I tried all year to get back and I did what I could that's what coach wanted," said Sean Maxson.

And on the last drive of the game, this 5'5" freshman who might just be the smallest player one the field, made it into the game.

"It feels really good," said Seth Maxson.

Even though this will likely never happen again, they'll always have each other, for the rest of their lives.