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State Volleyball Highlights: Part One

Husker fan's wish granted

When workers were cleaning up Memorial Stadium following Saturday's game against Illinois, one of them found something unusual: A Husker hat left on a seat, along with a note.

Families of two girls involved in Crete fight speak out

The video shows one person assaulting another in Crete High School the families say there have been previous incidents between the two girls but nothing had been done by the school.

Rise in fox sightings worries pet owners

There have been several fox sightings across Lincoln, and Animal Control experts say if you're not careful, they could hurt your pets.

Matt Talbot helps the homeless

Matt Talbot helps the homeless

Video shows student hit multiple times at Crete High School

The family of the girl being attacked says this isn't the first time, and the family of the other girl said it's been an ongoing dispute that reached a boiling point.

Temperatures Turnaround

Sunshine and southerly breezes push highs into the 40s and 50s.


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