Foodie Friday: Old fashioned lemonade

Foodie Friday: Old fashioned lemonade

In this week's Foodie Friday, Dietitian Amber Pankonin showed 10/11 This Morning how to make the perfect old fashioned lemonade ahead of Memorial Day Weekend.

Teenager honors father in her senior pictures

Julia Yllescas's father died in 2008 when he was fighting for our country in Afghanistan. Now Yllescas is honoring her father in her senior pictures.

Lincoln housing market continues to grow

The housing market in Lincoln is in an upward swing and experts say it's not going to slow down.

2-a-Days: Norris

HS football preview of the Norris Titans

1-on-1 Interview with Troy Walters

10-11's Dan Corey interviews Nebraska secondary coach Travis Fisher

2-a-Days: Beatrice

Todd Ekart believes it typically takes three years to turn around a high school football program. He thinks he can do it in two years at Beatrice.


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